Imagine a warm, sunny day, slight breeze...blackberries thick on the vine, apples heavy in the trees.  The honeybees are busily entering and exiting hives humming with life and chock full of one of the most glorious substances on earth...honey.

We look forward to the harvests of berries and apples at the end of each summer from our farm and other small orchards on Whidbey Island.  We combine the fruit separately with honey from the Skagit and Willamette Valleys creating brilliant cysers and ruby red melomels, and a mead representing the blossoms of oranges, wildflowers, clover, and blackberries.

What we are excited to share with you is what we like to call the "blossom in the cup".  When you finish your glass of Strix Varia mead dip your nose into the glass and take in the smell of blossoms from warm summer days past.